A natural people’s person and problem solver with a chip on his shoulder

I was always meant to end up here

Since my early days, I wasn't too sure where I fit in or what I could do with the world. All I ever knew is that I wanted to help people and stop any form of a dispute before it occurred. With this customer service comes pre-programmed into me. As do mediator skills and leadership qualities. Even with these very useful skills, it's only recently I've found my place, thanks to a fantastic job, an intrinsically desired education, and a not so well known disability.

Before becoming a budtender I was floating through the customer service industry. I had come back from a year of college only to discover I'm born with a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). This disability greatly affected me in every aspect of my life and it wasn't until I got the job at One Plant that I started to show signs of improvement. Being in a healthy, happy, and consistent work environment helped me get going again. Shortly after, I started meeting cannabis brand reps who encouraged me to enter the industry at that level. It was then I knew I wanted to go back to school for marketing.

Now with the skills, knowledge and most importantly, a positive mindset and attitude I am back on track to being the cannabis marketing expert, I was always meant to be.